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How to know if you are Pregnant

At some point, we have been taught about the means by which we all arrived on this planet. At some point, our mothers held us in their wombs for nine months. That is such a long time and one filled with plenty of sacrifices. But through this, we found ourselves here. Have you ever then asked yourself how they came to know they were pregnant with you? Are you wondering whether you may be pregnant? For first-timers, pregnancy can be quite scary. The entire process from the start of the pregnancy to its end may appear mysterious. To help you get a foothold, we have prepared this article to enlighten you on how to know if you are pregnant.

We are going to go through some simple, common yet important signs you have heard or not. Pregnancy and sex are two elements that go hand in hand. The question of when you last engaged in intercourse becomes crucial. Did you use protection or are you on any form of contraception? These questions are the pillars to the ultimate question of whether or not you are pregnant. It takes a week to ten days after unprotected vaginal penetration for the fertilized egg to be implanted, after which one can be said to be pregnant. So start here and answer these questions raised.

With this issue of sex comes another pointer; missed periods. Missed periods are among the first signs of pregnancy though they may be deceiving. You cannot conclusively confirm pregnancy based on missed periods. The reason behind it is that there exists an array of reasons as to why you may be experiencing missed periods. Sudden weight gain, some eating disorders, stress in plenty and regular contraceptive use may be reasons for having missed periods. It is then prudent to consult a medical expert with regard to this issue.

Nausea and vomiting is another key sign. This may not be as misleading as it sets in about three weeks from the time of conception. It is caused by a rise in hormones in the body as preparation for pregnancy continues since conception. This sign is sometimes called morning sickness, but it does not mean necessarily it occurs in the morning, but can occur at any time. Common smells at this time may seem repulsive.

The most reliable sign you can use to confirm pregnancy is the result form a pregnancy test. Taking a home pregnancy test could give you the answer you want clearly. It works best when one has already had their period. This is crucial since a test earlier than this and it will indicate that you are not pregnant even when in fact you are. The pregnancy tests are available at the supermarket and local drug stores. One can confirm the results with a doctor to be on the safe side.
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